Turn any help wanted sign into a mobile lead machine

What is Text2Apply?

Your candidates are mobile and on-to-go. Text2Apply gives recruiters a turnkey, cost-effective way to immediately capture candidate leads through a branded keyword and premium shortcode.

Text2Apply is perfect for pipelining more organic, motivated job seekers

  • In Store Recruitment
  • Hiring Events
  • Mobile Employee Referral
  • Handout Cards or Fliers
  • Help Wanted Window Clings

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Beautiful, branded and mobile-first candidate experiences

Branded Keywords

Get your very own mobile keyword attached to a premium shortcode without the time, hassle and cost.

100% TCPA and CTIA Compliant Text2Apply employs single interaction SMS technology, so it is safe, secure and compliant with all regulations and industry best practices.

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Super Fast

Usually job seekers get a response in under 30 seconds, linked to your job campaign. You’ll be capturing leads in under a minute.

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Location Matching

Text2Apply can be used across multiple hiring locations, letting job seekers tell you where the want to work. 

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Getting Started

To get started with Text2Apply, just email us at sales at motzie.com or call 877-7-MOTZIE (that’s 877-766-8943).