Promoted Job Locations

The easiest way to consistently generate lead flow for all your hiring locations.

If you are looking to pipeline candidate leads on a location level, then you are in the right place. Motzie Promoted Job Locations is the easiest, simplest and most effective solution to guarantee local candidate lead flow.

How it works

Take any Motzie job campaign, and simply tell us where you need leads. For a flat monthly rate of $99 per location, we’ll run hyper-local recruitment media using our proprietary programmatic media engine.

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  • Consistent monthly lead flow
  • Low per-location price
  • Start or stop locations as needed
  • Works seamlessly with job campaigns

Questions and Answers

How Promoted Hiring Locations Work

How do I tell you my hiring locations?

We can accept virtually any form of Excel or CSV, or for a small one-time fee pull your job locations through our data partner network.

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How do I set my promoted locations?

Just tell us which locations you want promoted and we’ll switch on the magic.

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How can I pay?

You can pay through credit card or ACH.

I’m an agency or an RPO. Can I use promoted hiring locations for my clients?

Yes we have a partner program and support agencies and RPOs who want to sell Motzie services.

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How do I get started?

Simply click the button below to contact a Motzie rep, or email us at sales at or call call 877-7-MOTZIE (that’s 877-766-8943)