Motzie Mobile Microsites

Beautiful, branded and mobile-first candidate experiences

Motzie Mobile Jobs help you quickly locate, qualify and connect with job seekers using the power of mobile recruiting.

Motzie Mobile Job Microsites are the best way to capture, qualify and communicate with more leads.

You get instant two-way SMS communication, lead capture, location matching, lead scoring and qualification and, custom branding and colors – all with amazingly affordable pricing.

Motzie Mobile Microsites Offer Immediate Recruiter Benefits


  • Instantly text message any captured lead
  • 100% TCPA Compliant
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Filter & Score Leads
  • Mobile First and Friendly

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What’s Included

The following features are included with every Motzie Mobile Job

SMS Communicator

Every job campaign comes with a dedicated mobile number, enabling recruiters to instantly and securely communicate with job seekers. SMS Communicator is 100% TCPA and CTIA compliant.

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Location Matcher

Let job seekers tell you their preferred hiring location. Locations are sorted by distance using the GPS coordinates of the job seeker’s mobile device.

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Send to ATS

See a lead you like? Link your job campaigns with your ATS, and send qualified leads there with just a few clicks.

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Email Inbox

All Motzie jobs have a shared email inbox and let job seekers easily upload a resume or other information.

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Lead Scoring

Each Motzie job includes custom qualifying questions which generate a score of 1 to 10, enabling your recruiters to focus on the best fit candidates quickest.

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Custom Branding

Motzie jobs include custom creative, colors and buttons, and are fully mobile responsive, giving your job seeker a great first impression.

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Archived Communication

Email and SMS communication history is archived for as long as a client is a Motzie customer.

Motzie Mobile Jobs are just $49 per month per active job. Or save even more with bulk mobile job packs.

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