Geo-Targeted Advertising

Align Media placement with your hiring locations, and GUARANTEE a pipeline of Qualified leads with Motzie’s Mobile Programmatic Media engine!

Save thousands of dollars and get better lead flow with Motzie’s targeted mobile programmatic media. Motzie’s Campaign Boosts are geo-targeted to within a 20-mile radius of a defined hiring location and will guarantee qualified lead flow through a proprietary mix of display ads, social media, and specialized job boards.

What is a Motzie Boost ?

Boosts are a proprietary mix of geo-targeted mobile programmatic media- including social media, paid search and job boards- designed to guarantee qualified candidate flow for your campaigns.

What are Boost Credits?

You can Save money by pre-purchasing Boost Credits. Or you can simply Boost with a Credit Card.

How do Boosts work?

When you need more candidate leads for specific locations, simply press the “Boost” button next to the job campaign you want to promote, and enter the city name or ZIP code where you need job candidates.

Does Motzie “geo-target” media?

Yes, Boosts are geo-targeted! We take your pre-defined target city or ZIP code and automatically distribute a custom, targeted mixture of mobile programmatic media to build awareness, drive traffic, and increase your candidate lead conversions!

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