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Convert more talent, communicate smarter, and keep a highly organized, data-driven talent pool.

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Motzie’s applicant scoring system will automatically rank and score new candidates based on your pre-set qualifications.


Combining Motzie’s custom mobile job application pages and strategic media buys improves lead capture rates by up to 8x.


Motzie’s data-driven talent pool reduces the time and cost per hire by up to 80%.

How much can Motzie reduce your cost per hire?

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Stop Losing Your Top Candidates

Motzie’s mobile-optimized job application pages deliver superior conversion, so you don’t miss the top talent you’re looking for.

  • Custom, mobile-optimized job posting pages 
  •  Integrated SMS Communications with applicants and employees
  • Screen candidates quickly using custom screening questions and location to find the right people in the right places.

Motzie’s Fully Integrated Hiring Platform Moves People From Application to First Day, Faster.

Locate, Capture, Qualify, Connect

Mobile Job Microsites

Beautiful branded mobile microsites to capture and qualify your candidates.

Monthly: $49/mo

Annual: $24/mo


Promote your microsites with highly targeted mobile media.

One-time: $299 each

Recurring: $199 each

Text2Apply Keywords

Capture candidates anytime and anywhere with your own keyword.

Monthly: $79/each

Annual: $399/each

SMS Communicator

Instantly connect with candidates and employees on mobile with 2-way SMS.

Monthly: $49/mo

Annual: $33/mo

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