Locate, Qualify and Connect with More Candidates using Motzie’s Mobile Lead Generation platform.

With Motzie’s Mobile Lead Generation platform, you will immediately start attracting more job seekers directly on their smartphones.

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Locate, Qualify & Connect with More Candidates Using Motzie’s Mobile Recruiting Software.

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Attention Recruiters!  

By using Motzie’s mobile lead generation solutions, you will immediately begin attracting and capturing a larger and more qualified pool of job candidates. 

Motzie offers a complete, proven solution to automate your mobile sourcing and talent acquisition strategy.

Mobile Jobs

Motzie lets you launch beautiful, branded mobile-first recruiting campaigns at price that everyone can afford.

Hyper Local Advertising

Motzie’s mobile media engine launches targeted ads that instantly aligns job seekers to their closest hiring location.

Lead Qualification

Motzie’s lead scoring system qualifies job seekers based on your pre-set hiring requirements.

SMS Recruitment

Motzie enables immediate, secure and compliant SMS communication directly between the job seeker and recruiter.

“Motzie is the most exciting innovation in Talent Acquisition since the first applicant tracking systems. It’s fast, simple and remarkably flexible. Most importantly, it delivers impressive results at a low cost. It has quickly become a staple in our talent acquisition strategy.”

Luke Gould
Division Sales & Marketing Talent Channel Lead at Comcast

Mobile Job Campaigns

Motzie’s Mobile Lead Generation Platform is designed to provide recruiters the ability to build and distribute mobile-first sourcing campaigns in minutes.

Increase your pipeline and build a greater pool of qualified job seekers in a single click.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

Align Media placement with your hiring locations, and GUARANTEE a pipeline of Qualified leads with Motzie’s Mobile Programmatic Media engine.

Save thousands of dollars and get better lead flow with Motzie’s targeted mobile programmatic media. Motzie’s Campaign Boosts is geo-targeted to a 20-mile radius and guarantees qualified lead flow through a proprietary mix of display ads, social media, and specialized job boards.

Lead Qualification

Motzie’s Candidate Scoring System instantly filters your “qualified” candidates, increasing recruiter efficiency and decreasing both time and cost to hire.

Motzie’s immediately makes recruiters more efficient by automatically scoring all candidates on a scale of 1-10 based on pre-set job requirements.

SMS Recruitment

Imagine connecting with your candidates the moment they submit their details.  Motzie’s SMS Communicator is the fastest, most effective way to instantly communicate with your best candidates!

The average candidate SMS message is read within 5 seconds. And 98% of SMS messages are opened and read, vs. only 20% of email messages.

“With digital trends shifting from desktop to mobile, Motzie’s mobile recruiting software has doubled our candidate leads! Motzie has been an unparalleled recruiting tool to help our clients match the right candidate to the right job.”

Theresa Petruzzelli
President, US Media International